Victoria Village Selects Program

The Victoria Village Hockey League runs a select hockey program that is governed by the North York Hockey League (NYHL, incorporated in 1953). The Select program of the Victoria Village Hockey League provides an opportunity for House League players to participate in competitive hockey, without having to commit to the rigors of GTHL hockey in terms of expense, intensity and excessive travel. All House League players from a particular age group may try out for the Select team and teams are formed from those who try out.

Players who make the Select team continue to play on their House League team at the same time. On the Select team, they have the benefit of one additional select practice time and one select game per week against Select teams from other organizations in the NYHL. In addition, teams may enter into as many as 3 tournaments each season. Often teams will travel to one out of town tournament during the season – a great way for the kids and families to bond. Exhibition games may also be scheduled by the individual tams to take place on ice provided for practices, or at the ice of the opposition. It is a very formable way for a child to get the most out of hockey for a reasonable cost

There are some thirty-two Hockey Associations like Victoria Village across Toronto that play in the NYHL, each icing from four to twenty-eight Select teams. This past year, Victoria Village sanctioned eleven select teams in various age divisions. It is an excellent level of hockey for those who wish to challenge themselves beyond the house league level.

In the Spring during registration, each Association announces tryout dates for their Select Program in divisions that mirror house league age groups. These tryouts take place in early May and your child MUST be registered in the house league to attend tryouts. It is incumbent upon all those involved with a select team to follow the fundamental rule that house league hockey takes precedence over Select hockey. This is adhered to very strictly by the NYHL to make sure that all house league programs remain strong within the Associations under their governance.

For those who want to form teams, they are guided through the process by the Select Convenor of their league with the rules & regulations. If there are enough players & coaches available, then a team is formed & the Convenor registers them with the NYHL to begin play.

There are now two seasons in the NYHL, the first is the Fall season which begins play October 1st and the second is called the Winter season and begins play in early January.

In order for a team to begin play in the NYHL Select program for the Fall session the team must have tryouts and register their team by the October 1st deadline. If the team does not get registered on or before October 1st they must wait until the Winter season and register on or before December 1st.

Another advantage of select hockey is that the NYHL places teams into comparable levels called “tiers” of competition in order to eliminate clubs from having to play in a division that may be too competitive. At the beginning of each Fall season, teams play in tiers depending on their previous year’s success. Then a re-tiering process usually takes place over the Christmas period so that new realigned divisions are assembled for competition for the Winter Season up until the playoffs begin in March. The Championships are played in April culminating with an all-star game in every division at Downsview Arena.

For more detail pertaining to the Select Teams, Coaches, Team Structure, Finances, Rules etc., please contact:

Paul Cherry
Victoria Village Select Convenor
Phone: 416-752-5127

Victoria Village 2017 Select Try Outs

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