Rules & Regulations

VVHL Governing Rules, Regulations and Policies

Version 20160713 – July 13, 2016 


  • To provide an organization wherein a youngster of any race, creed, sex or religion can compete under controlled conditions in a game of hockey with equality in (as close as possible) age grouping, training and participation time.
  • To promote, govern and improve organized hockey within its operating area.
  • To foster, among its members, supporters and teams a general community spirit.
  • To maintain and increase, interest in the game of hockey.
  • To exercise a general supervision and direction over the playing interests of the Players, Coaches and Executives with the emphasis on the enhancement of good character, sportsmanship and citizenship.Putting “FUN” back into the game of Hockey.


House League games are governed by the rules of the Hockey Canada (HC) in their entirety, with such modifications that are imposed by the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) and/or the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL).

The Victoria Village Hockey League (VVHL) can and will modify or insert additional rules and regulations that specifically meet the requirements of the league in keeping with HC, OHF and GTHL mandate. These additional rules and regulations are documented in the following sections.

In any dispute arising from interpretation and application of rules contained in this document, the decision of the VVHL Executive Committee is final.

2.1 Player Movement and Coaching Assignment

The League reserve the right (as stated in the player registration material), to move Players throughout the season to ensure equality of teams. Coaches and team sweaters will be allocated after the teams have been set up.

2.2 Player Additions

From time to time, Players register with the League after commencement of the schedule where ability is not known. However, best efforts will be made to determine a new player’s ability and skill level. The team on which the Player is placed is at the discretion of the League and is final.

2.3 Player Losses

In certain cases, teams may lose Players due to injury, sickness, family relocation or quitting. To compensate, Players may be moved from another team.

2.4 Special Requests

Players, Parents and Coaches on occasion specifically make requests to place certain players together as convenience due to transportation problems, etc. Although every attempt will be made to accommodate said requests, no assurance is given. One exception to this rule is: members of the same family play on the same team unless specifically asked otherwise by the family upon registration.

Similarly, there are occasions when a request is made to not have a specific player on the same team as a registrant. Every attempt will be made to accommodate said request but again, no assurance is given.

Special Requests are limited to one (1) request per registrant per season.

In the event that team adjustments are required for balancing purposes, all players (with the exception of the Coaches & Sponsors children) are considered eligible for movement to another team.

Team officials are not permitted to recruit players or place players on his/her team. Players must be registered with the League before they will be assigned to a team.

Players will be placed on teams based on the VVHL Executive Committee’s evaluation of the skill of each player so that best efforts to balance teams can be made.



Starting times and teams for each game will be printed on a schedule and will be given to Coaches for distribution to Players and Parents. The schedule will also be posted in our Standings Case.

Game Eligibility

Only Players registered with the League and listed on the game sheet are eligible to play. Players not registered within the Hockey Canada Registration (HCR) Database will be ineligible to participate within any Victoria Village Hockey League Program (House League, Hockey School or Select).


An objective of the League is for each Player to have equitable playing time. Coaches are reminded of this intent and a check will be maintained by the League to assure compliance.



A schedule of starting and finishing times for all practices will be provided either by printed (hard) copy or electronic format. These will be given to the Coaches for distribution to Players and Parents. An additional copy may be on display in the arena. To ensure that all teams receive their allotted ice time, it will be the responsibility of the Coach to remove the Players from the ice surface immediately upon completion of their practice time, thereby allowing the next team on.


  •   All players on ice must wear an approved helmet and neck guard for insurance purposes.
  •   All Coaches and Assistant Coaches on ice must wear an approved helmet for insurance purposes.


Only Victoria Village Participants or recognized Team Officials are allowed on ice for insurance purposes.


All games will consist of three (3) 15 minute running time periods. Tyke and Novice will utilize a 3 minute buzzer system. Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget divisions will change on the fly. Stop time will be in effect during the last minute of the third period. Teams will change ends after each period, except in Tyke series.

Once ice time has been started, the clock will not be stopped except:

  1. As noted above during last minute.
  2. Between periods.
  3. By the Time Keeper’s buzzer signifying an illegal substitution.
  4. At Referee’s and/or Timekeeper’s discretion during game.


If one team has a three (3) goal or greater spread on its opponent when the last minute of the third period is reached, NO STOP TIME WILL TAKE PLACE. The clock therefore will continue to run until the conclusion of the game. Should the losing team score a goal and reduce the three (3) goal spread within the last minute of play, the clock will be stopped.

3.4.1 Players:


Any Player for the next shift may replace an injured Player or a Player with equipment failure, and this will not constitute double shifting. Only if there are ten (10) or less Skaters may a Player of the previous shift replace an injured Player.

No Player may play two (2) consecutive shifts if there are ten (10) or more Skaters. Consideration will be given in any division that incorporates the “ABC” system. This is allowed to ensure “ABC” system runs smoothly. i.e., 2 “B” line players are away.

3.4.2 Goalies:

  • During Regulation Play:
    The Goalie may be replaced by a skater at any time or times during the game but:
  •  The Player replacing the Goalie must be the same skill level of the current line on the ice.
  •  The Player on each substitution and cannot be from the previous shift unless the team has ten (10) or less Skaters.
  •  Substitution for Injured Goalie. (Tyke Through Midget)
  • An injured Goalie may be, replaced by any Player on the Goalie’s team selected by the Coach. This is the only substitution allowed to the end of the game in which the injury is sustained.
  • If a substitute Goalie is required for subsequent games and the Coach desires a substitute other than from his/her own team, the Coach must and seek approval from League’s Executive Committee.
  • The League Executive Committee would then arrange for another substitute Goalie from another team, in the Victoria Village Hockey League in either the same age group or the next younger age group.

3.4.3 The Use of Substitute or “AP” Players

  1. A player is expected to play solely for the house league team with which he/she is registered. In the event, a team has fewer than ten skaters and/or no goalie, then an Association registered house league player(s) of the core age group or younger, may be added from another team, to bring said team up to a maximum of ten skaters and a goalie. A player thus added must be noted on the Game Sheet. Showing on game sheet as “AP”.
  2. The ‘borrowing Coach’ must bring the player addition to the attention of the Convener on duty, the opposing Coach and the Timekeeper prior to the start of the game.
  3. The ability to borrow a player is not dependent upon the approval of the opposing coach.
  4. The Timekeeper, through the On-ice Official, shall check to ensure the opposing coach has been notified of any borrowed player(s) and shall initial the Game Sheet to this effect.
  5. A player may play a maximum of three such games in one hockey season. A player participating in more than three such games shall result in the forfeiture of the unauthorized game(s) by the offending team.
  6. A Select/Select Calibre player may not be used as a substitute for a non- Select/Select Calibre player.
  7. The overriding principle and intent of this rule is that the team substituting a player should not be improved by reason of the substitution.

3.4.4 Illegal Substitutes

Must be brought to the attention of the Referee, who will notify the Time Keeper to stop time by the buzzer immediately. The Referee will advise the Coach of the infraction. Play will commence with a face-off at centre ice. Any goals scored by the offending team during the time of the illegal substitution will be disallowed.


The onus is on each Coach to organize his/her lines and check Players’ shifts to ensure compliance with the above rules, utilizing the attached MANDATORY short bench shift sheet (Tyke and Novice Divisions).


3.5.1 General

In the Tyke division we use the “A B C” line system to ensure that each team will have as equal as possible line match-ups while playing hockey.

It is based on “ABILITY NOT AGE”, in other words a 5 year old could be a “C”, “B”, or even an “A” line Player. As well a 6 or 7 year old could be an “A”, “B”, or even a “C” line Player.

The following is a list of the basic rules for the “A B C” line format.

  1. All Coaches are to set their “A B C” lines by ability. It is recommended that a copy of your “A B C” lines be given to the opposing teams’ Coach.
  2. The game starts with each teams “C” line Players on the ice. This allows the “A” line Players to be the last shift and finish the game.
  3. If an “A” line Player is away, you are to rotate ALL 5 “B” LINE Players to fill in.
  4. If a “B” line Player is away, you are to rotate ALL 5 “C” LINE Players to fill in.
  5. If a “C” line Player is away, you are to use the WEAKEST “B” LINE Player to fill in.
  6. Coaches, are instructed to inform the opposing teams’ Coach of Players who are away and what their intentions are for the “A B C” line replacements.
  7. If there is an injured Player during ANY SHIFT and a replacement Player is required, the following shall apply: an “A” line Player is to be replaced with a “B” line Player, a “B” line Player is to be replaced with a “C” line Player and a “C” line Player is to be replaced with the weakest “B” line Player.
  8. If the Goalie is replaced for an extra Player on the final shift of the game, it is to be one of the “B” line Players and THAT “B” LINE PLAYER will remain out on the ice until the end of the game or until the Goalie is put back into the game. NO SWITCHING OF “B” LINE PLAYERS IN THIS SITUATION unless of course there is an injury to that “B” line Player.
  9. Any goals scored by an offending Team while an ineligible Player is on the ice, will be disallowed.
  10. Tykes do not change ends at the end of the period.
  11. There will be no icing called during a Tyke Series game (In the Tyke Division only), minor penalties will be one (1) minute in duration. Should the Player’s shift end prior to the completion of the one (1) minute, the penalty shall be considered as served and any remaining penalty time on the clock will be cleared.


The above list represents THE BASICS and the League reserves the right to add to this list at any time during the season to ensure that all games are played in the fairest manner possible.

3.5.2 Coaches on the Ice:

One (1) Coach per team in Tyke series only will be allowed on the ice during the first eight (8) games. The Coach must stay between the blue lines except when necessary to position a Player for face-offs. The Coach must stay along the boards while the game is in progress as much as possible and must not interfere in the play or direct the Players in such a loud voice as to distract others. If a Coach continues to stray beyond the blue lines and/or interferes with play, a penalty shot MAY be awarded to the opposing team.


A Player receiving a penalty will serve it at the occurring time. If the three (3) minute buzzer sounds for shift change before penalty time expires, the penalty will be considered served.


The penalized Player returns to the ice if a goal is scored against his/her team, as outlined in the playing rules.

3.7.1 Regulation Time


  1. Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes prior to their team’s scheduled start time.
  2. Each team will be allowed 1 – 30 second time-out.
  3. The last 2 minutes of the game will be stop-time, unless there is more than a 3 goal differential. In which case the clock will run until time has expired. Should the losing team score a goal and reduce the three (3) goal spread within the last 2 minutes of play, the clock will be stopped.

3.7.2 TYKE-OvertimeProcedures

If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, there will be a 9 minute overtime period that will be divided into 3 shifts to determine the winner.

  1. The 9-minute running time overtime period will be divided into three shifts – “C”, “B” and, finally “A”.
  2. Shifts will change on the 3 minute buzzer just like regular time and regular A B C line rules will apply.
  3. If there is a winner after the full 9 minute overtime, then the game is over. If still tied after 9 minutes, then we go to shootout.

3.7.3 TYKE – Shootout Procedures

If the score is still tied at the end of the overtime period, there will be a Sudden Victory Simultaneous Shootout. 1 player from each team will line up at centre ice and on the referee’s command, shoot of the opposing goal – AT THE SAME TIME.

  1. The coaches decide the order of their shooters.
  2. There is no minimum number of shooters, and there is no A B C line dependency on the shooters.
  3. Coaches should arrange the shooters in shooter order on the bench to facilitate faster execution of the shootout.
  4. No player can have a second turn until all players on the team have had a turn.
  5. The team that scores first will be the winner.

3.7.4 NOVICE – Overtime Procedures

If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, there will be a 6 minute – sudden death overtime period that will be divided into 2 shifts to determine the winner.

  1. Shifts will change on the 3 minute buzzer just like regular time.
  2. Regular shift change and player eligibility rules will apply for the duration of the overtime period.
  3. As the overtime period is considered a new game, player rotation will be determined by ‘restarting’ the game according to the player order indicated on the game shift change chart. For clarity, the players for the first shift of the overtime period will be the same as the first shift of first period the game.
  4. The team that scores first will be the winner.

3.7.5 ATOM, PEEWEE, BANTAM, MIDGET Overtime Procedures

If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, there will be a 5 minute – Sudden Victory Overtime period to determine the winner.

  1. The team that scores first will be the winner.
  2. The overtime period will be played “running time”.

3.7.6 NOVICE, ATOM, PEEWEE, BANTAM, MIDGET Shootout Procedures

If the score is still tied at the end of the overtime period, there will be a Sudden Victory Simultaneous Shootout. The first team to score is the winner.

  1. In this event, each team will nominate 5 shooters.
  2. 1 player from each team will line up at centre ice and on the referee’s command, shoot of the opposing goal – AT THE SAME TIME.
  3. If after the first 5 shooters, the score remains tied, the teams must nominate a second group of 5 shooters.
  4. No player will have an opportunity to shoot a second time until ALL players on the bench have had a turn.
  5. If a team allows a shooter to shoot out of turn, this player’s goal (if they score) will be disallowed.



The Victoria Village Hockey League receives numerous refund requests every season and most are for justifiable reasons. Unfortunately, there is an increase in situations where some Parents register a child in our league and use that position as a “place holder” while they remain on a waiting list with their preferred League.

In order to bring this practice to an end and ensure that our limited number of House League positions are made available to those that would wish to participate within the Victoria Village Hockey League, we have revised our Refund Policy effective April 15, 2016.

April to May 1: a $100 fee will apply May 2 to June 1: a $200 fee will apply June 2 to July 1: a $300 fee will apply July 2 to August 1: a $400 fee will apply After August 2: no refunds

The League reserves the right to review specific requests and may, at its discretion, grant full refunds.

4.2 PARENT Harassment Course

Our Governing bodies (the Greater Toronto Hockey League and the Ontario Hockey Federation) have mandated that at least one Parent from each household MUST take a new on-line course called “Resect in Sport” in order for their Child/Children to participate within any House League Hockey Program within the Province of Ontario.

There is a one-time $12 fee that is payable to the on-line facilitator and the funds are used entirely by the Governing Bodies at their discretion.

We have been told that this is a 1-time fee and there currently is no expiration on the Course once taken.
This Course must be taken in order for us to complete the registration with Hockey Canada.
You are kindly asked to take said course ASAP as your Child is prohibited to play (by Hockey Canada) without it.

To take the course, please visit:

4.3 PLAYER ABSENCE (from assigned House League Team)

Any Player absent for three (3) consecutive games or practices without reason satisfactory to the League Executive Committee is subject to suspension. It is the Coach’s responsibility to advise the League Executive Committee of such absence before the Player plays his/her next game.

In the event that a Player registered to a team:

  1. Moves and is unable to continue in the League,
  2. Is injured or sick and obviously will not return for a great length of time,
  3. Quits altogether.

It is mandatory that the Coach, advise the League Executive Committee. Under the above situation(s), the League will consider alternatives to restore the team affected to a competitive level.


A Coach does not have the authority to refuse any substitute Player assigned to the team and must follow the rules as to fair ice time.

4.3.1 Players Returning From Injury:

If a Player has been away under advice of a Medical Doctor, a medical certificate allowing the Player to play, must be given to the League Executive Committee, before the Player will be allowed to participate.

4.3.2 Select Player responsibility to the House League:

Participating in the Select program is contingent upon active participation in the House League program, both games and practices. Should a player miss either games or practices without just or reasonable cause, they will be suspended from further participation in the Select program. Coaches are to notify the League Executive Committee of any such absenteeism. The President or League Executive Committee shall determine the length of suspension.


Players will not be allowed to play unless dressed in ALL of the approved hockey equipment listed below:

  • Current CSA approved protective helmet and full face-mask. (be aware that the placement of decals, stickers, or tape on helmets may invalidate a potential insurance claim)
  • Throat protector, (B.N.Q. approved only)
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Shin pads
  • Gloves (hockey)
  • Hockey pants or protective girdle and outer shell
  • Suspenders or belt for pants
  • Garter belt for socks
  • Athletic support and cup (jock or jill)
  • Skates
  • Hockey stick
  • Light T-shirt and long johns for under hockey equipment
  •  Protective mouth guard. (RECOMMENDED)

For the Players’ safety, and to make it more enjoyable for them, equipment should fit properly and not be too big. Saying “they will grow into it”, especially their skates and helmet/face mask, may be dangerous to a Player’s safety.


  • All Goalkeepers must wear CSA approved helmet and face masks.
  • Chin straps must be fastened. Facial protection must be properly affixed to the helmet and extend down to the chin. A Goalie’s own equipment shall not afford less protection than the equipment supplied by and available from the League. Acceptance of, substitute equipment, by the League DOES NOT imply that the League accepts responsibility for any failure of the equipment to afford protection.


  • Facial protectors and helmets MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES to validate insurance claims.
  • If a helmet, facial protector or neck guard becomes dislodged, the referee must blow the whistle, stop the play and direct the player to the bench for repairs.


  • Each Player will be provided with a team sweater and socks which are to be used throughout the season for games.
  • During games, two (2) different colour socks are not permitted. A player will be assessed a minor penalty if they fail to adhere to this rule.


Any Player being moved to another team following evaluation day must return the sweater and socks to the old team before the Player will be issued the new team sweater and socks and assigned a position on the new team.



  1. Each Coach is responsible for understanding the intentions of the League, the League rules, and the penalties for infractions.
  2. It is the Coach’s responsibility to make the Players aware of all the rules and regulations.
  3. It’s a prime function of each Coach to perform in an exemplary manner at all times and ensure that the Players conduct themselves in the same manner.
  4. The Coach is responsible for all League equipment loaned to the team and for its safe return at the conclusion of the season.
  5. Coaches must direct all questions to the League Executive Committee throughout the season on all concerns in connection with the operation of their team or series.
  6. Coaches are also responsible to ensure properly completed and legible game sheets are in the hands of the Time Keepers a minimum of five (5) minutes before each game. Pre-printed stickers or labels are encouraged.
  7. The dressing rooms are left in a clean condition after each use.

6.2 Team Official Police and Vulnerable Sector Check

All team officials (coaches and assistant coaches) must agree to submit to a Police and Vulnerable Sector Check. Instructions and guidance will be provided prior to the start of each hockey season.

More information is available from the VVHL Coach Coordinator.


Prior to the playoffs, all Tyke teams’ Coaching Staff will meet as a group to re-evaluate the ranking of “A” line, “B” line and “C” line Players for the balance of the regular season and the playoffs. This is necessitated by the improvement of some Players throughout the season i.e. a “B” line Player at the beginning of the season may have improved to the level of an “A” line Player, a “C” line Player improved to the level of a “B” line Player etc.


7.1 League Executive Committee – Responsibilities

  1. Selecting the teams and Head Coaches.
  2. Advising each Coach who the Players are on his/her team.
  3. Advising Coaches when their team, play and practice.
  4. Providing Time Keepers to run the clock and to ensure that other Officials carry out their duties properly.
  5. Ensuring that completed game sheets are delivered to the League Statistician within 48 hours of each game.
  6. Balancing teams, throughout the season, if necessary to ensure equality of teams.
  7. Interpreting rules and bringing them to the attention of Coaches, Referees, Time Keepers, etc.
  8. Working with Coaches and Parents to resolve problems with any individual Player(s) that may arise.
  9. Fully supporting Coaches, Referees, and other League Officials on matters of Player discipline, where warranted.
  10. Responsible for adherence and interpretation of League rules. All questions arising at a game concerning League regulations will be settled by the League Executive Committee, who have final authority at the arena.
  11. Dressing rooms have been properly assigned.
  12. Issuing Goalkeeper’s equipment from the storage room at the start of each season and in the case of an emergency and recording the issue with the Equipment Manager.
  13. Pucks and first aid kit are on hand for each game
  14. First aid (contacting Ambulance or Fire Department, if necessary).

7.2 Time Keepers:

  1. Ensure that all games are started on time
  2. Maintain constant communication with the in-ice officials.
  3. Game sheets are completed accurately, neatly and are signed by respective Coaches.

7.3 Referees:

  1. Obtain required certifications prior to the start of each season.
  2. Obtain the required Police Vulnerable Sector Check (If required).
  3. Once a game begins, the Referee is in complete charge. Their interpretation and application of playing rules are not open to dispute BY “ANY” AUTHORITY.
  4. Provide clear directions to the Time Keeper for all on ice calls.


House League games are governed by the rules of the Hockey Canada (HC) in their entirety, with such modifications that are imposed by the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL).

The Victoria Village Hockey League (VVHL) can and will apply rules and regulations that specifically meet the requirements of the league. These additional rules and regulations are documented in the following sections.


  1. In the case of offsetting penalties, both teams play 4 on 4 for the balance of the shift. At the shift change both teams play 5 on 5.
  2. In the case of a major penalty, Player(s) must serve entire time in the penalty box regardless of shift change. The extra time shall be considered the penalized Player(s) next shift. The next shift where the penalized Player(s) would return to the ice, a substitute may be used to serve the balance of the penalty and then the substitute would return to the ice for the balance of the shift. The penalized Player(s) must wait until his/her next regularly schedule shift to return to the ice. (Refer to Player Substitution Rule ie: NO PLAYER MAY HAVE four (4) shifts until every Player plays three (3) etc).


Infraction Level

Standard Penalty Assessed

Minor penalty

2 minutes (1 minute in Tyke Series)

Bench Minor

2 minutes (1 minute in Tyke Series)


5 minutes – No substitute


Player ruled off ice for ten (10) minutes of actual playing time, team does not play shorthanded – immediate substitution is allowed.


  1. Gross misconducts, game misconducts and 10 minute misconducts etc. are considered to be major penalties.
  2. Suspended Player(s) must be named on the next scheduled game sheet as serving the suspension(s).
  3. Suspension(s) incurred in House League must be served before Player, Coach, Manager, Trainer or other Team Official will be permitted to participate in any N.Y.H.L. Select Game. (Suspension(s) must be served in House League).


  1. Four (4) penalties in same game – GAME EXPULSION and Player should proceed directly to Dressing Room and stay clear of the player’s bench for the balance of the game.
  2. Three, (3) stick infractions in same game – GAME EXPULSION and Player should proceed directly to Dressing Room and stay clear of the player’s bench for the balance of the game.
  3. Two (2) majors in same game – AUTOMATIC GAME MISCONDUCT.
  4. Second major in season for any of the following: Boarding, Roughing, Charging, Cross-Checking, High Sticking, Slashing or Hitting from Behind – GAME EXPULSION PLUS GAME MISCONDUCT AND AUTOMATIC ONE (1) GAME SUSPENSION.
  5. Third major in season for 10.c (4) above – INDEFINITE SUSPENSION PENDING DECISION BY HOCKEY COMMITTEE. Also, a letter will be sent to the Parent(s) notifying them of the situation, and possible repercussions.

It is the responsibility of each team official to ensure their players sit out the appropriate suspensions. When in doubt as to the relevant suspension, contact The VVHL President and Disciplinary Committee for clarification.

Refer to the GTHL Minimum Suspension website for more information:


9.1 Profanity:

There are specific rules and penalties for this infraction in the rule book. Let it be emphasized that profane language HAS NO PLACE IN OUR LEAGUE. In the interest of all concerned, any Player, Coach, Official, League Official, or Spectator who feels above this ruling and continues the use of profanity WILL NOT BE ALLOWED participation with this League.

9.2 Drinking and Drugs:

Their use is strictly prohibited. Any Player, Coach, Referee, Spectator or League Official under the influence will be requested to leave the arena immediately.

9.3 Smoking:

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Victoria Village Arena. This arena is a “SMOKE FREE” facility. Anyone smoking in the Arena faces prosecution and are, subject to the prevailing fines for conviction.

9.4 Dressing Room Allocation:

Dressing room allocations will be prominently displayed. Please use the rooms assigned to avoid confusion.

9.5 Non-Playing Personnel On Bench:

  1. Limit of, three (3) non-playing personnel per bench during games. And must have completed the prescribed Harassment Training.
  2. If there is a need for more than 3 Non-playing officials on the bench, approval must be obtained by the league executive.
  3. Non-playing personnel under the age of 18 must wear a helmet with a full cage/mask for insurance purposes.

9.6 Boundaries:

  1. Only authorized personnel are allowed in the Referee’s room and gondola.
  2. Spectators must not go into the player’s bench or the penalty boxes – NO EXCEPTIONS.