As an affiliate of Hockey Canada, the Ontario Hockey Federation and the Greater Toronto Hockey League, we rely upon those charged with the well-being of Participants, Spectators and Volunteers alike to provide guidance and instruction as to what practices and measures to adopt in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all are adhered to.

In the unlikely event that it’s felt that we are unable to provide a safe environment of participation, we would be obliged to immediately delay, suspend or otherwise cancel the season.

In the event of cancellation of the Season in advance of October 1:

  • Refunds representing the amount paid less payment processing fees will be extended to all registrants

In the event of cancellation of the Season after October 1 and prior to March 1:

  • Refunds will be extended to all participants that would equate to the number of weeks lost less fixed costs. Formula: [(Registration fee paid – fixed costs) ÷ Total Weeks] x Weeks Lost = refund

Examples of mandated fixed costs:

  • Hockey Canada Participant Insurance Fees
  • Hockey Canada Affiliate/Participant Fees
  • Greater Toronto Hockey League Affiliate/Participant Fees
  • Ontario Hockey Federation Affiliate/Participant Fees
  • North York Hockey League Affiliate Fees

Examples of Seasonal fixed costs:

  • Uniform Costs
  • Trophy and Award Costs
  • Team & Individual Photograph Costs
  • Officiating Costs
  • Seasonal supplies (i.e.: pucks, training aids)
  • Banking and Corporate Governance Costs
  • Directors Insurance Costs
  • Payment processing Costs
  • 3rd party Registration Costs

A Season is dictated by the City of Toronto within their Permit Allocation and typically fluctuates between 24 and 26 weeks from year to year.

Complete disclosure of fixed costs will be provided at the time of reimbursement.

Please note; Weather related closure does not fall within this policy.