Dear Parent/Guardian:

We at the Victoria Village Hockey League apologize in advance as there may be duplication of this email as it incorporates both 2019/20 and 2020/21 registries.

Throughout the summer months we at VVHL have taken part in numerous electronic meetings in order to solicit guidance and incorporate the necessary protocols required to allow for a 2020/2021 playing season and as you can well imagine, attempting to do so within an environment as fluid as we’re in at the moment is challenging to say the least.

As an affiliate of Hockey Canada (HC), the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) and the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) we are obliged to adhere all mandates and protocols set forth by all of the aforementioned bodies as they relate to the governance of the sport of Hockey.  Additionally, we’re obliged to adhere to the protocols put forth by all three levels of Government involving facility use and gatherings in general.

The good news is we at VVHL will be offering a season of recreational play but make no mistake, Hockey as we know it will look quite different this year as it will be a mix of skills development and exhibition play (3 on 3 or 4 on 4) within assigned Teams followed by scrimmage games (3 on 3 or 4 on 4) against another Team for an undefined period of time after which regular 5 on 5 exhibition play against another Team and finally, a return to normal play (no sooner than December 1).

These protocols have been broken up to what has been defined as Warm-up, Periods #1, #2, #3 and Overtime and are applicable to all levels of play from “AAA” to House League within the GTA.  

In order to accommodate protocols and due Ice limitations throughout the GTA Teams 9 years of age and above will be assigned a full sheet of ice weekly rather than the two ½ sheets (1 game & 1 practice shared with another Team) that would normally be allocated during Periods #1 and #2 with Period #1 scheduled to commence after Thanksgiving and the 2nd remains undated at this time.

This may apply for the younger categories (8 and below) as well however is subject to revision as there were some issues that arose requiring clarification.   

Period #3 (again undated) allows for Exhibition play against another Team and the Overtime Period (no earlier than December 1) celebrates the return to regular Seasonal Play as allowed by HC, OHF and GTHL.

We’re still awaiting receipt of protocols from all 3 levels of Government the most significant being the City of Toronto as they’d be obliged to adhere to both the Provincial and Federal protocols.

The sad reality within the GTA is there will be the limitations imposed on participants due to both Ice availability and maximum players allowed on the pad per usage and some Clubs may simply choose to “opt-out” of the 20/21 season in it’s entirety as adherence to all protocols requires all Clubs to dig deep within their contingency funds to allow for the provision of play.

The North York Hockey League (NYHL) as well has just received aforementioned protocols and the Directors are currently are addressing their implementation within the playing season.  Formal announcement will be posted on the NYHL website ( by 6pm on September 4th.

Finally, in order to properly amplify the seriousness in which all 3 levels of Governance addresses participant safety, the OHF has taken the unusual stance involving Non-Sanctioned League participation that stipulates that “Any individual who participates in a Non-Sanctioned League after the Cut-Off Date (September 30) will lose all privileges with the Ontario Hockey Federation for the remainder of that season……”

As you may well understand, this is an extremely fluid situation and all Documents should be considered “living” as they are subject to revision as required in order to ensure the well-being of all those involved.

Registration remains open in all age groups and there are a finite amount of spots to be filled.  

In closing and in order as to avoid duplication of additional emails, further correspondence regarding the implementation of protocols and the NYHL will be sent out 2020/2021 registrants only. 

A copy of the GTHL Return to Play Protocols may be found here.

A copy of the VVHL Disruption of Play policy may be found here.

On behalf of the Executive,

David R. Croutch
President, VVHL