Current Season Team Standings and Player Statistics:

Team standings and player statistics are for regular season play only and do not include exhibition or playoff games, however for testing purposes, exhibition statistics are sometimes posted. They are usually updated on line and posted at the arena each week. All statistics will start from 0 at the start of the Regular season.  You can view and download a copy of the current team standings and player statistics in PDF format by clicking on the link below.  If you spot an error, tell your coach and ask him/her to report the problem to a member of the League executive. 


Team Standings and Schedules

Player Statistics - FINAL as at March 18, 2018


Final Team Standings and Player Statistics from Past Years: 

You can view and/or download Final Team Standing and Player Statistics form previous years in PDF format by clicking on the links below. Note that the Standings and Stats are for regular season play only and to not include exhibition or playoff games.