Code Of Conduct

There is a Code of Conduct that all Players, Coaching Staff, Volunteers and Spectators must adhere to


I, ___________________________ realize that my goal of being a hockey player/participant in the VVHL is to enjoy the game, have fun, improve my hockey skills, abide by the rules and play clean hockey. I agree to such as, but not limited to the following:
I realize that the Code of Conduct policy begins as I enter the parking lot and into the rink, and continues as I leave the dressing room, in the lobby of the rink, and exiting the parking lot after games or practices.

  • I will always act with proper respect and listen to my coaches, officials, and rink personnel. I also expect my parents/guardians and other family members and friends to abide by this same code.
  • I will not argue with the officials on or off the ice, I will use appropriate language at all times. I will not act in a manner that would embarrass myself, my teammates, my coaches or the adult group, or be disrespectful of the VVHL Code of Conduct policy.
  • I will not use profanity, make abusive or obscene gestures, I will not engage in fighting or other activity that could injure another player, coach, parent, as pursuant with the Code of Conduct policy.
  • I will not possess any tobacco products, drugs or alcoholic beverages, or carry any weapons.
  • I will abide by my team rules and always be respectful of my teammates and opposing players, property, dressing rooms, rink facilities, and hotels where my team is staying.

I recognize that it is a privilege, and not a right, to be able to play hockey for the VVHL. I will always act in a positive way that will make my teammates, coaches, and family proud of me.


I have discussed the above Code of Conduct with my child and we agree that he or she will abide by the VVHL Code of Conduct at all times. As a parent/guardian I also agree that the Code of Conduct governs my behavior inside and outside the ice rink. I agree to such as, but not limited to the following:

  • I will recognize the importance of the volunteer coaches and will communicate with them in an appropriate manner. The same holds true for on ice officials, League Executives and my personal behavior in the rink, during games and practices, and outside the rink.
  • I will display excellent sportsmanship/behavior during practices and games, by not taunting, or pounding on the glass, I will use appropriate language; I will not use obscene gestures. I will not yell at the players, fans, coaches, officials, or rink employees.
  • I understand that my expulsion from any practice or game as a result of Code of Conduct will result in my immediate suspension from future team practices, games and League sponsored activities until meeting with the League disciplinary committee.

I fully understand that if I as a parent/guardian were to violate the Code of Conduct policy, I may also jeopardize my player’s eligibility to continue to play hockey in the VVHL.

Parent/Guardian:_____________________________ Date:______________

Parent/Guardian:_____________________________ Date:______________

A printable PDF version of the Code of Conduct can be found here.